Our Mission

To effectively and efficiently serve, and advance one interests of the mining industry in Zimbabwe, through promotion of development and growth strategies consistent with high international standards of health safety and environmental consciousness, and to positively influence the local, business, environment in order to attain the objectives of the mining industry.

Our Vision

The vision of the Chamber is:

  • To be the engine for growth;
  • To be a high profile lobby group with energy focused in the key areas which make a difference to the economy and the industry;
  • To be proactive;
  • To drive the growth of the industry and the economy.

Our Values

The Chamber is driven by the following values:

  • Create an environment for economic growth through the development of natural resources;
  • Integrity, transparency, progressiveness, proactiveness, assertiveness, ethics, environmentally consciousness and sensitivity, national interest at heart.

Our Goals

In pursuance of the above the Chamber intends to achieve the following goals:

  • Recognition of mining’s real worth to Zimbabwe;
  • Have a Zimbabwean mining industry that works to its maximum potential;
  • To have mining reclaim its prominent position in the Zimbabwean economy